Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

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Bath Bombs are a wonderful treat for yourself or to gift to someone you love. They make great favors for teen birthdays, bridal parties, showers, weddings, etc.

All our bath bombs are handcrafted and made with high quality ingredients including natural oils. Sit back and relax while you enjoy this relaxing bath and absorb the natural oils to moisturize your skin.

Materials: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt, pink himalayan salt, organic shea butter, sunflower oil, oils for fragrance

How to use a bath bomb:
Place entire bath bomb into your bath water. This bath bomb will create a spa-like fizz that disperses the contents throughout the water. Each bath bomb weighs approximately 4.5 ounces. Colors may vary from one to another. Please note that your bath can be slippery after using this product so take extra care while exiting.

Fragrance choices: please choose from drop down menu
-Eucalyptus (therapeutic, aromatic, stress relied)
-Lavender (fragrant, calming, relaxing)
-Refreshing Aloe (cooling, refreshing, invigorating)
-Tea and Red Clover (anti-inflammatory, aromatic, calming)
-Coconut (refreshing, relaxing, energizing)
-Moroccan Vanilla (invigorating, sweeter and spiced fragrant, calming)