Elderberry Tonic

Elderberry Tonic

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NOTE: This is more like a juice rather than a syrup. Even when I made it with honey it was more like a juice. About 2/3rds of pound of elderberries=one bottle. Super concentrated with magical elderberries. The only water we use is to steam the berries.

We love everything elderberry. It is such a hearty plant. We have a mom and a daughter plants which are literally 10 feet tall. We just planted 20 grandbaby plants from the mom daughter duo.

Our 9.37 ounce certified organic elderberry tonic is different than most because we hot pack ours and don't use honey. (Any canners here?) If you hot pack honey you ruin the beneficial value of honey. Honestly, at that point you might as well use sugar.

Instead we used locally grown certified organic NYS maple syrup to sweeten this bitter berry. Then we add some organic certified TNB's grown ginger and turmeric because you know we love ginger and who doesn't love turmeric. Then we add some organic certified cinnamon with a dash of organic certified lemon juice. Our elderberries are certified organic too.

Note: When we exhausted our own elderberry supply, we only buy certified organic frozen elderberries. We never use dried elderberries. Why, you might ask? We dried ours in the past and saw how much juice was left on the drying sheets, which compromises how much true elderberry juice you are actually receiving in your products. You need water to reconstitute the dried berries. So how much is elderberry and how much is water in other company's products?

Since then we only use frozen elderberries. We freeze our own elderberries because we don't harvest our ginger and turmeric until September which is 2 months after our elderberry season.

We also use just the right amount of water to steam the elderberries so you don't receive a water down product. Our product is super concentrated with elderberry. We use about 2/3rds of a pound of elderberries to create one bottle.

What do you get?

A smooth delicious vegan tonic not only good for your body but so delicious on pancakes, ice cream, and in seltzer. Did we mention sangria? It is on a little of the tart side since we don't believe in adding too much sugar.

Because of the glass, shipping is very expensive. We added $3 to the price to make up for the shipping cost.


Certified Organic Elderberries, Certified Organic Maple Syrup, Certified Organic Fresh Ginger, Certified Organic Fresh Turmeric, Certified Organic Cinnamon, Certified Organic Lemon Juice, Water.

Servings: 1 Tablespoon for Adults, 1 teaspoon for children. Or make it into a drink using 1 ounce of tonic to 7 ounces of seltzer or tonic water.