Vegan Farm Grown Elderberry Tonic

Vegan Farm Grown Elderberry Tonic

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NOTE: This is more like a juice rather than a syrup. Even when I made it with honey it was more like a juice.

We love everything elderberry. It is such a hearty plant. We have a mom and a daughter plants which are literally 10 feet tall. Soon we will have grandchildren plants!

Our 8 ounce elderberry tonic is different than most because we hot pack ours and don't use honey or maple syrup. (Any canners here?) If you hot pack honey or maple syrup, you ruin the beneficial value of both. Honestly, at that point you might as well use sugar.

Instead we used locally grown apple cider and rendered it down into an apple cider syrup which naturally sweetens the syrup. Then we add some organic certified ginger because you know we love ginger and then some organic certified cinnamon. We will be using certified organic apple cider once apple cider is available in September. Our elderberries will be certified organic then too.

What do you get?

A smooth delicious vegan tonic not only good for your body but so delicious on pancakes, ice cream, and in seltzer. Did we mention sangria? It is on a little of the tart side since we don't believe in adding too much sugar.


The Naked Botanical's Elderberries, Water, Locally NJ Grown Apple Cider, Certified Organic Fresh Ginger, Certified Organic Cinnamon.

Servings: 1 Tablespoon for Adults, 1 teaspoon for children

Disclaimer: Please check with your health care provider if you can take this product with any health conditions or medication as well as when you have virus like COVID-19.